The Summer I Turned Pretty - Jenny Han
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Jenny Han’s first book in her Summer Trilogy – The Summer I Turned Pretty was a breath of fresh air, a wonderful surprise and to be honest I have no idea why I’ve waited so long to read this book. I thought it was wonderful from cover to cover and can understand why this series is so loved by many.

This title is the perfect blend of all things summer - vacations, family, friends, the beach and oh, yeah… boys. Through Belly (I was hoping we’d learn how she ended up with such a horrible name. It did drive me crazy until I understood how it came about.), our main female character we get to be a fly on the wall as she lives through a new summer and through a flash back of memories of summers past. The flash backs made Belly and the other characters who shared each summer together into more rounded people. It gives the reader more of an idea of who they all are and what those past summer months were like.

Belly is one of those characters who could walk off the pages and be anyone – a friend, relative, neighbor. She’s real, honest and Han does an incredible job showing what it’s really like to be a teenage girl. The three boys, Belly’s brother Steven, and the two Fisher brothers – Jeremiah and Conrad were bits and pieces of boys I remember from school. I always love when a character is as realistic as those found within the pages here and Han has it down pat. With Belly growing up and teen emotions running high things were bound to change for the group.

With things changing for each character and the summer coming to an end, I wondered what would come next and am thankful that I can pick up the next two books and read to find out.

There was something to love in each of Han’s characters. Her story and writing were wonderful and I couldn’t put the book down. It’s books like this that remind me of my love of contemporary YA and fans of the genre shouldn’t pass this series up, so be sure to pick up or order a copy soon.