Presenting . . . Tallulah - Tori Spelling
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Presenting… Tallulah is a cute story with fabulous illustrations about a little girl who is told everything that she’s not supposed to do because she’s “Special” or “Not that kind of girl”. It’s as she makes her way through life at home and school that she starts to come out from behind all those “don’ts. She doesn’t want to be special; she just wants to be like all the other kids. It’s then that she makes a new friend, rescues a little pug puppy and changes the views of everyone around her.

I can see many parts of this story ringing true to Tori’s life and while most kids don’t go to school in a limo it’s fair to say that every kid can relate to being told to be quiet and even at times not get dirty.

I more than loved the illustrations. I felt that the combination of the message in the story and the art that I believe kids will love reading this book over and over again. I’m looking forward to sharing this with my niece soon, I know she’ll love it and it’ll become a favorite.