Girl Parts - John M. Cusick
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Girl Parts was an intriguing idea that was good in parts (no pun intended) and had me questioning things in others. With some characters I thoroughly enjoyed and others that I just didn’t care for, I finished reading this one because of just how different the whole concept was.

I really wanted to love this and for me it was just okay. There were highlights here and there – like Rose – the robot companion who’s one of the main characters in the book. When David’s parents question things about their son after he witnesses something horrible on the internet and feels nothing, his guidance counselor at school and his parents decide to take matters in their own hands and, well, send him Rose. She’s part of a new technology that is geared to help teenage boys become less dissociated with the world via the help from these said companions.

While David has friends and is part of the popular circle at school, he does seem lost in a way that’s totally different to our other main character, Charlie. Quiet, distant, with no friends and enjoying sticking to himself, Charlie might be very different, but each is the same in how they feel when alone. I did enjoy reading Charlie’s parts and found myself wishing that this was more about him and Rose, then about David and Rose.

One thing I just didn’t get was how one sided things were – how black and white things are here. Why parents would resort to Robot companions to help their sons. And why was this company so focused on males? I understand that this might be geared more for the male YA readers out there, however girls have problems growing up too, right?

However Rose was the key ingredient for me. Watching her grow and learn that the world is bigger then just what she was originally programmed for was another highlight in the story.

Rose, Charlie and just how different the idea for this book is, was what made me rate it how I did .The whole idea about Companion robots was creepy, to say the least; however it’s one of those things you just can’t look away from. All in all the storyline was interesting and creative. The writing flowed and the characters had their hit and miss moments. I had high hopes for this one, and even with it falling a little flat, I’m glad that I gave it a read.