Sing Me to Sleep - Angela Morrison
3 Stars - First off, let me just say that I’d been wanting to read this book since I first heard about it last year. The idea for the story sounded amazing. It’s been at the top of my wish list for awhile. I mean the cover is amazingly beautiful, I love this cover. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Morrison’s previous book – Taken By Storm (which I just ordered and received from Amazon a couple days ago and can’t wait to read) so I knew I’d want to read Sing Me to Sleep pretty much right when it arrived here.

Our main character Beth – I understood her and got why she felt the way that she did about everyone around her and how she was treated, but at one point enough was enough with how much of a downer she was. Even when things picked up in her life she continued to whine. It grated on me; I wanted nothing more for it to stop.

The makeover for her was interesting. After she got use to things it seemed Beth as a person started to change a bit. It was hard for her to do, that was conveyed well throughout. I just wish we would have heard more about her thoughts as the actual makeover was happening. Most of what we heard from her was after it had happened and she was talking things over with her – well only real friend Scott.

Speaking of Scott – you can tell he wants to be more then friends with her early on (pre makeover), but she couldn’t see it through all her self worth issues. Scott was a hero to me then but that changed quickly when he kept pushing himself and a relationship with Beth even when she was with Derek.

It was great to finally get to see who Beth was when we meet Derek. It felt like Beth shined more when she was with him, letting her escape from her doom and gloom. The story in the last few chapters was what made the book. I had an idea that something like it was coming and no, I won’t tell you to spoil it. It didn’t make it any less emotional and to finally see Beth see herself as the person she really is and not just the one others made her out to be - was great. It’s sad how it all finally happened, but I’m glad that it happened nonetheless.

I haven’t mentioned much about Derek, so I’ll take a minute to tell you that he was the bright spot not only for Beth, but for me in this book. It seemed like he turned things around for me as a reader. I mean it felt like the whole thing shifted somewhat when Derek was in the story. Even in the few last few hard to read chapters, it all made me come to realize that what made Sing Me To Sleep, was Derek. It’s one of the reasons why I gave this book the rating that I did.

In the end, I look forward to reading Taken by Storm and to see what else Morrison has in store for us next. This book might not have been a favorite of mine (and it’s far from the worst I’ve ever read – it won’t keep me from reading more from this author in the future), but don’t let my words discourage you from reading.

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