Exit Strategy - Ryan Potter
4.5 Stars - Exit Strategy was far from many things I’ve read before. I seem to be saying that often these days. The characters and story were written from the view point of our main character Zach – a 17 year old boy who wants more from his life then what’s happening around him, then what he knows his town can offer. It focuses on the months of the summer before his senior year of High School.

Zach wants nothing more then to get out of his hometown of Blaine. Much of the focus on his story is about the varying BEP – “Blain Escape Plans” for not only Zach, but the other characters throughout as well. It’s something that Zach wants more then anything, not only for himself, but also for the people he cares about and this aspect of the story comes through clearly. There were many shocking truths that are brought to light, making the characters full of so many layers that the author sometimes only touches lightly upon. Giving the readers just enough to fully comprehend what each was going through throughout the story – via the eyes of Zach.

Potter makes being a 17 year old boy in a no where town real and true. From Zach and his search for more in his life and those around him, to Tank – his best friend, and his need for perfection on the wrestling mat; to the root of the subject matter and it’s affects that ripple throughout so many lives, which wasn’t nice or sweet – it all fit and worked in this well written story. Let’s not forget about Sarah – Tank’s twin sister who wasn’t found often throughout the story, but Potter worked magic in what was there. I never felt like I missed anything in the complex relationship she had with her brother, father and Zach.

Strong characters make up a huge part of any great book and this one doesn’t disappoint. Understanding early on what this book was about didn’t take away from anything while reading. There was plenty to give me as a reader and I’d suspect anyone else - room to question just where the characters would find themselves at the end of the story. The end was bittersweet but worked perfectly and really, I don’t think any other would have fit like this one did.

All in all author Ryan Potter has written a story that surpassed my expatiations and I for one am looking forward to seeing just what he writes next. For more information about the author and Exit Strategy, please visit: http://www.exitstrategy17.com also, please keep an eye out here for an interview with Ryan soon.

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