How to Say Goodbye in Robot - Natalie Standiford
Different, interesting, heartbreaking and wacky. This book has it all. Loved just how different it was from pretty much most of what I've been reading lately. The two main characters are both looking for things in their lives and find some of it within each other and the late night radio show they listen to. The other callers are varied and do help both Bea (Robot Girl) and Jonah (Ghost Boy) through things in each of their own quirky ways. It's an endearing story with heart and a love that's so different then the usual hearts and flowers kind. So be warned that though the book, story and characters make it a great read, it's far from the usual love story.

There were plenty of laugh out loud moments to even out all the serious ones, which seemed to fit together nicely with the plot and characters. I also loved just now not normal both our main characters were and how they were okay with that, not caring what others thought of them and their relationship. Each of our main characters, Bea and Jonah work throughout the story to mend the broken families they come from. This only draws them closer to each other as they figure out how to deal with the hardest parts within each of their home lives.

I read this book pretty much in one sitting and loved it more as I continued to read. If you haven't read it and like trying out something different, be sure to pick this up soon.

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