His Eyes - Renee Carter
3 1/2 stars -

I heard about His Eyes about 2 weeks ago now and pretty much ordered it right on the spot. It sounded so different - two teens the same age, a boy who recently was in an accident and looses his sight and a girl who is hired to "baby sit" him by his mother. Tristan comes from money and Amy who is just looking for some money to help pay her way through college takes the job with some reluctance.

With each character so different you could see not only the tension but the attraction to each other they had. Tristan who had everything so easy in his life now needs to learn how to live as a blind person. With Amy's help he starts to come out of his shell until his ex-girlfriend comes into the picture and creates problems.

The story was good, short and sweet. I would have liked it to be longer to better develop the characters and the story. Some things just happened to fast to actually be believable. Anyone looking for a short and sweet read should look into picking this up.

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