Kiss of a Star: An Artemis Lupine Novel - Catherine Banks
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Kiss of A Star, the second book in the Artemis Lupine series picks up right were we left off in Song of the Moon. With many things answered and more questioned asked, the characters and story held up well from the first book into this one. I do have to say that while the book was a tad on the short side and I felt that a few things were rushed, I was excited to see just where author Catherine Banks would take her characters next.

Artemis has changed so much from Song of the Moon, yet she’s still growing into herself as she continues to evolve both physically and mentally. With the continuing help, support and love of her Alpha and mate Ares, she further learns about her people and the many trials that loom for the halfbreed. She still has so many questions and things are about to get worse before they have a chance to get better. Artemis still wants the same things. To protect those that she loves and find out who’s after her. And Ares, he’s an alpha through and through. The only thing about him that rubs me the wrong way… in both books is that he never gives Artemis enough information. I understand he’s trying his hardest to protect her from everything, including herself, but that aspect of the story and his personality frustrated me here and there.

Characters old and new popped up throughout and lead too many twists and turns, some more shocking then others. It’s Banks imagination that has created strong characters and a plot that continues to lure me in and leave me ready for more.

The only down side, as mentioned above was the length of this second installment and how some key parts to the story felt somewhat rushed through. Did this take away from my overall enjoyment of Kiss of A Star? No, not at all. Would it have improved my enjoyment? Some what but let me explain that further. I really enjoy the story and characters and I simply wanted more. It’s not that it was lacking from the first book to the second, or in the series as a whole.

With an ending that’ll leave you wondering if what happened did in fact just happen, it forced me to reread the last few pages to make sure I wasn’t reading things incorrectly. With the turn of the last page… both times, I was surprised where Bank’s led the story and am eagerly awaiting the next book – Healed By Fire, in 2012. And oh, what a wait that’ll be.