Fallen Crest High (Fallen Crest High, #1) - Tijan
Okay... hmmm.... I have a lot of thoughts about this one. It could have been REALLY good, but it was just eh. The only reason why I'm able to give it 3 stars is because I couldn't stop thinking about the characters. Funny that I couldn't relate to any of them and I thought each of them had some deep rooted issues that weren't really even touched on.

Some of the relationships didn't make any sense to me at all and the edit was pretty poor. There are some transitions that were so jumpy that I was a bit lost along the way more than once. Even re-reading didn't help to figure out what was missing, who was saying what and what happened between one thing and another.

Yet, I couldn't get these characters and this story out of my head. I was hoping for closure and understanding by the end of the book, yet I was still confused on many things.

It's weird for me to give a book that had so many flaws 3 stars, but the author did achieve one thing with this reader and that was that I couldn't get it out of my head. I still can't!

All in all, it was okay... memorable but okay.

It looks like there will be a sequel or a companion book that I'll be looking forward to reading.

A full review might follow sometime.