Hourglass - Myra McEntire
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Hourglass from author Myra McEntire is in one word – AMAZING! With exquisite writing and characters, McEntire is one of the newest rock stars to join the others within the ranks of the Young Adult genre. How can I sum up my love for this book… I’ll try but I highly doubt my words will even touch the surface of my love for this book or will even comes close to what McEntire has done with her words.

Life for seventeen year old Emerson hasn’t been easy. She sees things that no one else can see, people from the past, ghosts from another time, which all started right after her parent’s death. She lives with her loving, caring brother and his wife who are concerned about these visions – as any one would be - and as a result her overall health. I was quickly drawn to Emerson and wanted to know – just as she does – the reasons behind why she can’t stop seeing people and places from a different time. She’s extremely caring and has a strength about her that made me in turn care about her as a character. Her strength makes her one of those characters that shows just how much she can hold her own and won’t take being pushed around. She has her fair share of great lines throughout the book – many moments that I ended up with a huge smile plastered on my face and even a few moments where I laughed out loud. And really, it’s all part of what makes a great book even better.

Her brother Thomas and his wife Dru only want the best for her and while they don’t understand what she’s going through, they try hard to find a way to help Emerson. Through many different people who have said they could help, she’s ready to give up. Her relationship with her brother and sister in law was close in many ways, yet distant in others. They each wanted to protect the other, as families do, but this one had more to loose due to all that had happened to them in the past with the death of their parents.

When Emerson’s brother comes to her with something else to try that could just help her, she’s against it. She’s tired and burned out on all the false hope. I mean I would be too if I was in her shoes, that’s when Michael, from the Hourglass institute walks into her life. He’s mysterious and gives us little to go by as to really who he is, but I can say he turns out to be an amazing male character.

While reading the book we chipped away at both Emerson and Michael to get to the root of who they really are. It was through their relationship – professional that it was, as the rules were laid out by Thomas – we find out more than just who they are, but also the what and the why of all Emerson’s visions. Michael might be a little older by a couple of years but nonetheless, the attraction is there. It’s one of those attractions that smolders and lingers, that you just wait with bated breath to catch fire and set off into a massive blaze. Darn those rules set by her brother!

There are tons of twists and turns throughout, it’s more than a rollercoaster ride that’s for sure! I can honestly say that I had no idea what was about to happen numerous times. I was shocked and thrilled over and over again and was always looking for the next helping after each chapter.

It’s easy to fall head over heals in love with this book, not to mention the characters. I did and still find myself thinking about the world McEntire has shared with us and of time travel. Without a doubt, this is a new favorite of mine that I’ll be able to read over and over again and look forward to more in not only this series but truly anything that this author writes, I’ll read it. If you are looking for amazing wrapped in nice warm blanket of epic with a double shot of win, look no further than this book, right here with the pretty cover. I’m so eager for the next book, I have no idea how I’ll deal with the wait.