Cut - Patricia McCormick
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Cut by author Patricia McCormick is an extremely realistic portrayal of a 15 year old girl dealing with issues through cutting. This year celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Cut, bringing it back in the spotlight, at a time when a broader audience of YA readers will have a chance to connect with a troubled girl and her struggle to understand why she does what she does.

Cut tells the story of Callie, a 15 year old girl with issues and how she deals with them. Growing up, we all have them. Issues are a part of life. We deal with them differently and it just happens that Callie cuts herself to feel normal again. We readers are merely a witness to her struggles while she struggles to come to terms with why she does what she does. It might take a while for the story to unfold and for the reader to learn more about Callie, but the conclusion was well worth it in the end.

All in all Cut is a story about struggles and being a teenager. It’s about family and feeling like you’re not alone. Most importantly it’s about healing and finding out there are different ways to deal with things, such as talking and working through things.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to author Patricia McCormick and Cut.