Dresskeeper - Mary Naylus
The Dresskeeper is a witty historical fiction, containing both a mysterious past and a modern voice that lets us see London's history through the eyes of a humorous teenage girl.

Naylus time traveling adventure is a page turner, leaving you wanting more and being surprised with what happens next. With a great balance of the past and Picky's current real life issues - between school and home life, the author makes you feel your not missing anything in either of her worlds. I myself felt as if I was being transported back to 17th century London right along with Picky and each amazing dress she put on. The writing made imagining the scenes in my mind easy and very realistic.

With just the right amount of both reality and fantasy made this story for me one I'd not only read again, but one I'd suggest to others in the future.

I enjoyed the Dresskeeper and will be on the look out for more by Mary Naylus. Her next novel - The Plaguemaker will be released in 2010.

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