Shrinking Violet - Danielle Joseph
3.5 Stars - Shrinking Violet was a cute read. I was a shy person growing up, still am in many aspects of my life, so Tere was very likeable and I could really relate to what she faced on a day to day basis. She’s painfully shy to the point that she has only one friend and sticks to herself as much as she can. She tries to make herself invisible in the classroom for fear of being called on by a teacher.

Her mother has newly re-married. Her step father is the owner of one of the more popular radio stations in Miami. She wants nothing more then to be a radio DJ and is given the chance at an internship at SLAM 92.7. Having done her own mock radio shows in the comfort of her own bedroom perfecting her radio personality ‘Sweet T’, she more then jumps on the chance at the internship

She’s given the chance to co-host a show each night at the station. Using the name ‘Sweet T’ no one knows who she is. The various characters at the station are all funky personalities of their own. With the help of these quirky characters she’s able to come further out of her shell. Even with how shy she was she worked through each night much to the help of the staff at the station. With her love of music, dream to be a DJ and the help from some new found friends she does more then find a voice. She finds the strength to take a chance and to stand out without being actually seen.

Gavin is the cute boy from school who she gets partnered with and turns out has more then music in common with her. He likes her because when she has something to say it’s usually more then worth listening to.

Shrinking Violet is a great story about understanding what you want and finding a way to make it through even if you have to struggle. To let people in because they just might be able to help you along the way and learning that it’s okay to have a voice.

The storyline and characters were entertaining and likeable. The plot lines were all tied up nicely… from the crazy mother, body image, confidence and extreme shyness - were all portrayed nicely and covered many different ways how to deal with these and various other issues we face from time to time throughout life.

I enjoyed Danielle Joseph’s writing style and will be on the look out for further books from this author. If you’re a lover of music and are shy yourself, or just like a quirky and fun… yet light read be sure to check it out!

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