Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward
Phury has long been the self-sacrificing Brother. He maimed himself body and soul to save his twin. Now he’s taken Vischous’ place as the Primale, the one meant to replenish the dwindling number of Brothers and Chosen for the race. But his inner demons threaten to ruin it all. His place among the Brotherhood. His role as Primale. His relationship with his First Mate, Cormia. His greatest challenge, however, is proving to himself he truly is the hero he’s always tried to be. Ward’s fans have come to expect stories jam-packed with complex, ongoing story lines, and her newest is no exception. With major series-turning events, the subplots weigh in more than ever, at times suggesting that there can be too much of a good thing. But in the end the indulgence is worth it. Along with the happy endings, more darkness comes to pass, showing the war between the vampires and the lessers is far from over, which happily means more Black Dagger Brotherhood stories to come.

Book six and the story of the brother Phury continued with the twists and turns and the further story of the brotherhood and the war with the lessers. Phury had so much to heal and find the right path to take that this book was sad and hard to read at times. I was pulling for Phury more then the other brothers as with him you almost get the idea that he just might not make it.

I’m glad at the fact that we have many more books of the brotherhood to come.

As I always say with the brotherhood book reviews, keep reading…