Wilde Ride (Ride, #1) - Maegan Lynn Moores
I know a lot of people loved thjs one, but it wasn't for me. Please take that into consideration when reading my comments.

Well, I was looking for another biker/MC book & grabbed on to this one & it seriously feel short. The only reason for the two stars is because I forced myself to finish it. The dialogue made me cringe more than a few times. The story & characters were "fluff" and so far from believable it was shocking. The main male characters name made me laugh out loud more than once & he was so far from alpha male in 2.2 seconds that I felt the whiplash. There were moments that I could see quick glimpses of the story being good but they came & went fat too quickly that I thought I missed it. The best part was not knowing who the stalker was. I didn't see that coming so I give the author huge props on that.

Now the real question is - will I read the next book? Slight chance, maybe... But it won't be anytime soon.