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ONE by author Leigh Ann Kopans gives us a brand new spin on superhero’s, paranormal romance with touches of sci-fi sprinkled throughout the story, Kopan gives readers strong and interesting characters in a multi genre story.

I enjoyed ONE from the first page. The two main characters, Merrin and Elias were almost instant favorites. Merrin is struggling with who she is yet she knows what she wants for her future. She’s a “One” someone who has developed a superpower but never developed a second half to it to make her fly. Elias is sweet and mysterious. He is also a “One” and knows a lot more than he lets on. The two meet and their choices and dreams started to be questioned by the two. Together they find things in each other, more than answers they each seek to change the things they question and want for their future.

Another thing about this book is the fact that the minor characters each hold key parts to the overall story. The parts might be small, but they are pretty important.

In ONE we learn that there are normal people, “One’s” like Merrin and Elias and Supers who have manifested two superpowers. Powers work together, so in a Supers case, if someone creates fire, they need to also be indestructible. If a “One” can create fire but isn’t indestructible they’ll get burned. It’s typical for a “One” to have their power fade away because the second power doesn’t ever come to them and in turn they give up and fail to continue to master their single power. So, when Merrin fails to become a Super by receiving her second power she becomes somewhat depressed and detached and yet determined to find a way to fix her “One-ness” and to try to salvage her ultimate dream of working for The Hub.

Merrin changes schools and if I were her after hearing what her time at her old school was like I’d be happy to be out of there and off to Nelson High. She’s closed off and quiet to try to protect herself. It’s there she meets Elias and things for her start to change. Elias is the guy that everyone likes. He befriends Merrin and the two begin a relationship that comes on pretty fast, but it’s one of those times I can kind of forgive the insta-love that happens between these two. There were reasons that it felt almost right that it happens to quick, reasons that I kind of understood.

All in all, the sci-fi aspects of the story were a highlight for me. The whole book was intriguing from beginning to end. There was a build up that I felt from almost the first page and with the action packed conclusion at the end of the book I felt a bang that is still resonating with me, making me ready for book two. And yes, I did get exciting conformation from Leigh Ann that there will be a book two and I can’t wait! I highly recommend this title to fans of superheros and readers who are looking for a wonderful new author who is sure to continue to create characters and stories that will leave their mark. Enjoy!